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bfs_tech's Journal

Baltimore FreeStore Technology Project
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This is a community journal for use by participant in the Baltimore FreeStore Technology project.
If you're interested in just what the Baltimore FreeStore is all about check out the website at http://www.freestorebaltimore.org/

BFS-Tech is a subsidiary project under the sponsorship of the Baltimore FreeStore.
Both the Baltimore FreeStore and the technology are non-profit, volunteer-operated community service organizations.

>>here is a non-technical introduction to what the project is about...

>>for a more detailed description or to contact me...

>>also the Frequently Asked Questions section covers a lot of ground...

>>if you're interested in helping out our current todo list is a good place to start, but there are plenty of other ways to participate...

---------------internal use documents--------------------
*let me know if you have difficulty accessing the links below*
action log
desktop setup guidelines
confidential passwords
inventory sheet